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Fort Lauderdale Probation Violations Attorney

Probation is an alternative to jail or prison time. It allows you to remain at liberty under certain conditions. If the legal system believes you have violated the conditions of your probation, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and you can be sentenced for the crime for which you were originally charged. Your withhold may be converted to a conviction. If you have violated your probation (or the allegations have been made), don’t wait to be picked up because you may sit in jail for weeks, months or longer without a bond. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to start resolving the problem. Call our Florida law firm at  954-523-2020      .

What an experienced probation lawyer can do to help

At the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, our attorneys can help if you have been taken into custody for a probation violation or if a violation of probation (VOP) warrant has been signed. In fact, if you believe you are having problems meeting the terms of your probation, we can often help prevent the warrant being issued all together. If you have not yet been taken into custody, our firm can arrange for you to surrender to the court, a move that can increase your chances of staying out of jail. We can prepare you for the evidentiary probation hearing after your surrender or arrest in an effort to have the charges thrown out of court. If that is not a viable option in your particular case, we can negotiate alternatives to prison and other harsh sentences with the prosecutor. Please be aware, Final VOP hearing has a very low standard compared to a criminal trial and is decided by the Judge that sentenced you, NOT by a jury. There are also many evidentiary issues that allow the State to introduce evidence that cannot be used in a criminal trial. Do not be foolish and try to represent yourself in a VOP.

What makes a violation of probation depends on the conditions set at the time of your sentencing. We have successfully represented clients charged with violating their probation post-conviction because of:

  • Failure to pay fines
  • Failure to complete alcohol or drug treatment programs
  • Failure to complete community service requirements
  • Failure to report to the probation officer
  • Failure to get a job or attend school
  • Failing a drug test
  • Being arrested on a criminal charge
  • Moving from the area

Most people do not violate probation willfully. An experienced lawyer can help explain your circumstances to the judge.

Fighting to keep you out of jail or prison Our lawyers advocate for you at probation hearings, forcing the prosecution to make a case for sending you to jail or prison while we endeavor to have the warrant dismissed without any penalty to you. We make sure that the judge learns of all mitigating circumstances that might lessen the severity of your violation. We try to get your probation reinstated. If you think you have violated your probation, consult with an attorney right away. If you are seized by the police, you could be held in jail with no bond available. It is best to try to avoid this, so don’t delay. Contact our Fort Lauderdale law firm right away.

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