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Hurricane Harvey Impacts

Florida sits along the hurricane alley, making it more susceptible to the tropical storms prevalent on the Atlantic coastline. Hurricanes such as Michael, Irma, Wilma, Charley, Andrew, Katrina, and the most recent, Ian and Nicole, have left massive destruction in their wake.

While hurricane insurance coverage (homeowners, flood, and windstorm insurance policies) protects against storm-related property damage, getting fair compensation, especially in Florida, can be frustrating. Once your property gets damaged or destroyed by a hurricane, it is always advisable to engage an experienced insurance claim lawyer to help you fight for a fair settlement.

At Leader, Leader & Zucker PLLC, we have a team of knowledgeable and aggressive hurricane insurance claim lawyers representing many clients seeking compensation for storm-caused damage. We are familiar with the loopholes insurance companies capitalize on to deny claims and know how to fight back to prove their liability. If you have been affected by hurricanes, brief us on your case by filling out our contact form, and we will advise you on your legal options.

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Navigating the intricacies of hurricane insurance claim denials demands more than just legal expertise; it calls for a firm with an indomitable spirit, a history of success, and an unwavering commitment to its clients. Insurance companies are formidable opponents, backed by vast resources and deep pockets, prepared to dispute any claims that come their way. Triumphing over them mandates an ironclad claim fortified with irrefutable evidence.

At Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, our track record speaks volumes. With a legacy of victories against large insurance corporations, we’ve stood firmly by Floridians facing the devastation of storms. Our dedication isn’t just about legal representation; it’s about relentlessly fighting for justice. We understand the frustrations that come with wrangling insurance providers, and we channel that understanding into fierce, results-driven advocacy.

Choose Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC for tenacious representation, a proven history of success, and a commitment that never wavers. Your battle becomes ours, and we won’t rest until justice is served.

Our strengths include:

Experienced Lawyers

Our lawyers have over 75 years of combined experience. We have successfully represented many Floridians seeking compensation from insurance companies. Our growing list of awards and recognitions from The National Trial Lawyers to Super Lawyers, among others, is a testament to our commitment to fighting for our clients.

Compassionate and Dedicated Legal Representation

We offer compassionate and dedicated legal representation to clients who entrust their cases to us. Our client-centered approach enables us to nurture better collaboration with the clients, which is essential in developing solid cases.

Check our various awards and recognitions for client satisfaction.

Accessible Service

Leader, Leader & Zucker PLLC serves multiple locations across Florida. We serve in Sarasota, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Bradenton, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, and Port Charlotte.

Free Consultation

Not sure whether your claim has merit? We make it possible for everyone with a potential claim to access justice by offering free consultations. You can call us at 954-523-2020 or fill out our contact form.

Overview of Hurricanes in Florida

Florida has witnessed many hurricanes throughout history. From the earliest 1523 storm that led to two ships and their crews being lost on the western coastline and the deadlier 1622 hurricane that claimed the lives of about 1,000 men aboard ships, then fast forward to the 1992 Hurricane Andrew that resulted in 44 fatalities in Florida nearly four centuries later, tropical storms have caused devastating damage whenever they hit.

The 21st Century has continued to witness more hurricanes, whose impact has caused property damage to billions of dollars and many fatalities. For instance, the 2005 Hurricane Wilma, a category two storm, caused six deaths and estimated damage of $18.6 billion in Florida. The deadlier Hurricane Irma of 2017 resulted in 84 fatalities in the state.

Others, including Hurricane Katrina of 2005, Hurricane Michael of 2018, and hurricanes Ian and Nicole of 2022, have equally been devastating, claiming many lives, injuring scores of people, and causing billions of dollars in damage.

Notice of Hurricane Claim

If you have sustained losses due to a hurricane, Florida Statutes require you to notify the insurer within two years from the date of loss. You may also be entitled to a supplemental claim (i.e., additional loss from a previously adjusted claim). Still, you should notify the insurer within three years from the date of the loss.

At Leader, Leader & Zucker PLLC, we help clients pursue compensation for any loss they may have suffered from recent hurricanes, be it the initial or supplemental claim. If you have a pending claim, contact us today and brief us on your case.

Possible Hurricane Damages

The susceptibility of Florida to hurricanes requires property owners to have the necessary coverage to protect against storm damage. Usually, homeowners’ policy cover hurricane damage, but the coverage is limited.

For instance, if your roof got damaged by a storm, letting rainwater in and damaging your possessions, the homeowner’s policy would cover the loss. However, it does not protect against damage caused by rising groundwater (floodwater), which requires you to have a separate flood insurance cover. However, comprehensive coverage for your car covers damage caused by hurricanes and floodwater.

Here are some of the damages you may be able to recover from your policies.

  • Structural and foundation damage due to wind or flooding (exterior walls, broken glass, roof damage, etc.)
  • Interior damage (losses caused by mildew and mold growth, damage to personal belongings, and other damages to the interior of the house
  • Medical expenses (if you get injured in the storm, you are entitled to recover the treatment costs)
  • Utility and equipment damage (water systems, generators, computer equipment, air-conditioning systems, electrical systems, pool equipment)
  • Living expenses (while your home is under repair)
  • Lost wages (for the duration you are away from work)
  • Lost business or income opportunities
  • Fire damage

If you have suffered any losses, visit us at Leader, Leader & Zucker PLLC. Our hurricane insurance claims lawyers can help you interpret the policy to know what is covered and calculate the damages.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Hurricane Claims

Insurance claim denial is common, especially in Florida, where insurance companies have to deal with numerous claims due to frequent hurricanes. Insurers exploit every loophole to deny the claims to minimize their losses. While some denials may be valid, e.g., if floods engulf your home and you do not have flood insurance cover, others can be unjustified and in bad faith.

Possible reasons for denial may include:

  • Late reporting – Florida statutes require you to notify the insurance company about a claim within two years of the loss or three years for a supplemental claim. If the deadline lapses and you have not submitted the notice, the insurer has a legal ground to deny the claim.
  • No Coverage – Sometimes, policyholders get frustrated after discovering too late their losses are not covered. For instance, a homeowners policy in Florida covers your home against a hurricane but does not cover damage from floodwater. You have to take a separate policy to safeguard your property against flooding. Often, this is not explicit in the policy; hence you might assume you are covered against the dangers of a hurricane, yet you are not. An insurance adjuster can take advantage of your insufficient coverage by claiming the damage was caused by flooding, not wind, and decline to compensate for the losses.
  • Preexisting damage – Insurance adjusters might argue that some of the damages you are claiming existed before the storm. This is likely to arise if there are visible signs of wear and tear that might have been there before.
  • Negligence – The adjuster might also deny the claim by arguing that you did not take the necessary precautions to secure your property before or after the storm. For instance, if your roof gets damaged, failing to take the necessary steps to prevent further damage can invalidate the claim.
  • Lack of documentation – An adjuster may deny a claim if they come to inspect the damaged property and find you do not have the paperwork ready (e.g., accurate property values, list of damaged items, video footage of the damage), you have thrown away damaged items before documentation, or you do not have records of the repair costs.
  • Exceeding cover limit – Sometimes, the damages can exceed your cover limit, leaving you to meet some of the costs out-of-pocket. This is likely to happen if a policyholder has underinsured their property. If your policy coverage is insufficient to meet the damages you have incurred, the insurance may decline to pay the entire claim and offer the maximum cover limit instead.
  • High deductible – A deductible is an amount the insurer expects you to shoulder before they pay your settlement. While a higher deductible means you pay lower premiums, an insurer can use it to deny you a fair settlement. For instance, they might underestimate your losses and deny the claim if the damages fall below your deductible.

If the insurance adjuster denies your hurricane claim out of bad faith, our lawyers at Leader, Leader & Zucker PLLC might be able to help you challenge their decision and win the settlement you deserve.

Recent Florida Hurricanes

  1. Hurricane Ian (2022): a ferocious Category 5 storm in the Atlantic, marking its place as the record’s third most financially devastating weather calamity. This storm was the deadliest to hit Florida since the hurricane of Labor Day 1935 and was the most potent since Hurricane Michael’s 2018 landfall.
  2. Hurricane Dorian (2019): Although it did not make a direct landfall in Florida, it was a powerful storm that closely skirted the state’s east coast.
  3. Hurricane Michael (2018): Made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane in the Florida Panhandle, particularly devastating Mexico Beach.
  4. Hurricane Irma (2017): Made multiple landfalls in Florida, first as a Category 4 on the Florida Keys and then as a Category 3 on Marco Island.
  5. Hurricane Matthew (2016): Skirted along Florida’s east coast without making direct landfall but still caused significant damage.
  6. Hurricane Wilma (2005): Made landfall in Cape Romano as a Category 3 hurricane.
  7. Hurricane Katrina (2005): Before devastating Louisiana, Katrina made its first landfall in Florida as a Category 1. However, the initial impact in Florida was significant enough to include in this list.
  8. Hurricane Jeanne (2004): Made landfall near Stuart, Florida as a Category 3 hurricane.
  9. Hurricane Ivan (2004): Affected the Pensacola area with a Category 3 landfall.
  10. Hurricane Frances (2004): Made landfall as a Category 2, but due to its size and impact, it’s often remembered as a major event.
  11. Hurricane Charley (2004): Rapidly intensified before landfall on the southwestern coast of Florida as a Category 4 hurricane.

This list focuses on significant hurricanes that made landfall or had a notable impact on Florida. Remember, the categorization of a hurricane isn’t the only measure of its destructiveness—size, speed, and the specific areas it impacts all play a role in the storm’s overall impact.

How Leader, Leader & Zucker Lawyers Can Help with Your Hurricane Insurance Claim

Trusted experienced hurricane insurance lawyer drafting an appeal for a denied hurricane insurance claim

If your insurance provider has denied your claim or offered a lowball settlement, you should get an experienced hurricane insurance lawyer to help you fight back. Most attorneys offer free consultations and charge their fees on a contingency basis, which means you only pay if they secure a settlement for you.

It is best to get an attorney immediately if you suffer loss from a hurricane. This gives you an upper hand from the get-go, as they caution you against missteps and protect your rights.

Evaluate Your Claim

As experienced hurricane insurance lawyers, we can help determine the viability of your case. Since we get paid if we win, we evaluate claims thoroughly to ensure we only take those with merit.

Gather the Necessary Evidence

With insurance companies keen on exploiting every available means to reduce your settlement and reduce their losses, arming yourself with solid evidence is vital to your claim’s acceptance. We can help you gather and analyze the necessary evidence to support your claim. Every piece of evidence can significantly impact your claim, from property valuation to repair invoices, photos, and videos.

Review Your Policy

Insurance policies can sometimes be complicated, making it difficult for the ordinary client to understand the provisions. Our attorneys can help review your policy to understand what damages are covered, then advise you on your rights to maximize your potential settlement.

File the Claim

Once we have gathered the necessary evidence and figured out what damages are allowed, we can help file the claim on your behalf and negotiate with the insurer.

Counter Insurer Bad Faith

Hiring one now is essential if your claim has been denied and you do not have an attorney. Our lawyers know the loopholes insurance companies exploit to deny claims. If your insurance provider has acted in bad faith, we can hold them accountable and negotiate for a fair settlement.

Contact Leader, Leader & Zucker Lawyers to Help with Your Hurricane Insurance Claim

If you have suffered losses through a hurricane, be it injuries or loss of property, engaging an experienced hurricane insurance lawyer is vital to the compensation process. Even if an insurer has denied your claim and you do not have an attorney, consider hiring one to leverage their experience and fight back.

At Leader, Leader & Zucker PLLC, we have successfully represented many clients against adamant insurance companies and recovered their compensation. Whether you have just commenced the process or had your claim denied, brief us on your case for a free evaluation. We will advise you on your legal options if the claim has merit. Contact us now to learn more.


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Michael, Thank you so much for all of our support and diligence over the past seven months. That was the most trying and difficult time of my life. Michael’s legal expertise was top notch.
Michael, Thank you so much for all of our support and diligence over the past seven months. That was the most trying and difficult time of my life. Michael’s legal expertise was top notch.
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Michael, Thank you so much for all of our support and diligence over the past seven months. That was the most trying and difficult time of my life. Michael’s legal expertise was top notch.
Michael, Thank you so much for all of our support and diligence over the past seven months. That was the most trying and difficult time of my life. Michael’s legal expertise was top notch.