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What Should I Do If My Roof Damage Claim Was Denied?

You may already know that your homeowners’ insurance company has financial incentive to deny or undervalue your roof damage claim. It’s easy to feel hopeless if your claim was denied—especially if your entire roof needs to be replaced—but you don’t have to accept your insurance company’s decision. And in the state of Florida, if you have to sue your insurance carrier to enforce your rights, they will have to pay your attorney fees and other costs of doing so if you prevail on any judgment or decree in your favor.

If your homeowners’ insurance company denied or undervalued your roof damage claim, OR failed to pay for other damage to your home, your contents, loss of use or any other amount covered under your policy, contact Leader & Leader P.A. Michael D. Leader is an insurance claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who understands the tactics that insurance companies use to cheat claimants out of a fair settlement. Call 954-523-2020 to discuss your situation in a free initial consultation.

Read on to learn the answers to three FAQs about roof damage claims in Florida:

  1. Will I need to pay for a roof inspection when I renew my policy?

The answer to this question depends on your homeowners’ insurance company. Over the past few years, insurers have tightened the underwriting requirements for homes with older roofs. In the state of Florida, where homes are not only vulnerable to rain, wind, and hail but also to major hurricane damage, some insurance providers have strict roof inspection requirements—especially if a roof is 15 to 20 years old.

Homeowners are often responsible for covering the cost of inspections upon renewing their policy. Many insurance companies simply refuse to write policies for homes with roofs that are more than 20 years old.

It goes without saying that replacing your roof is a major expense, but you might have no choice if you want to maintain your homeowners’ insurance policy.

  1. Should I hire a roof inspector even if I am not required to do so?

Getting a roof inspection may put you in a more favorable position to file a roof damage claim. Hiring an engineer to inspect your roof and write a report on its condition could prevent disputes with your insurance company because you will have evidence to prove that there was no pre-existing damage.

  1. What other steps can I take to support my roof damage claim?

If your home has sustained a roof leak or any other kind of roof damage, your first step should be to document the damage. Take videos and pictures to use as evidence to support your claim.

It is common for homeowners to put off their claim because they don’t want to pay higher premiums. Don’t make this mistake. You should contact your insurer as soon as possible because your claim could be denied if you wait too long to file.

You should also consider hiring a public adjuster rather than relying on your insurance company’s private adjuster. If your insurance company and your public adjuster disagree on the settlement amount, contact Leader & Leader P.A. to discuss your situation.

Far too often, the engineers or roofers who work for the insurance company attribute roof damage to irresponsible maintenance, an installation error, or a manufacturing defect. Other times, the insurance company will make small repairs even though the entire roof should be replaced.

As your insurance lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Michael D. Leader will examine the language of your policy, investigate your damage, and help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. Call 954-523-2020 today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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