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When You Need a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer, You Will Want One Worthy of Your Trust

When you need a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale, choosing the right one can make a substantial difference when it comes to whether or not you retain your freedom, become incarcerated, or face the future as a convicted criminal. Leader & Leader criminal defense lawyers in Fort Lauderdale will do everything we can to ensure that you have the best criminal defense possible in your situation. The Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyers at Leader & Leader have the experience you need when facing criminal charges so that you can have the hope of protecting your freedom, your reputation, and your future.

What Criminal Charges Are You Facing in South Florida?
Leader & Leader Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorneys Have Already Fought That Battle

The Law Firm of Leader & Leader has extensive experience that will be critical to your outcome when facing criminal charges of any kind in South Florida. Our Broward County criminal defense lawyers will vigorously pursue every avenue available so that you can be assured of the most favorable outcome possible in your case. Regardless of the charges you face, your Broward County criminal lawyer has a background of success in handling cases similar to yours and will aggressively pursue the strongest defense available so that you can get the best possible results given the circumstances. At Leader & Leader, our Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyers are equipped to handle a variety of criminal cases, including:

Assault & Battery
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Probation Violations
Sex Crimes
… and more

Even if you do not think that the charges against you are that serious or you believe that you will prevail simply because you’re innocent, bear in mind that a conviction could carry severe penalties that will permanently alter your life.

Sentencing guidelines in Florida are based on a statutory point system that takes into account the severity of the offense, the severity of injuries to the victim, previous convictions, whether or not a firearm was used in the commission of the crime, whether the accused was on probation at the time, whether the crime was gang-related, did the crime appear to be a hate crime? All of these questions will come into play, so your Broward County criminal defense attorney must be well-versed in Florida sentencing guidelines and prepared to secure the best outcome possible for you.

A sampling of penalties for criminal convictions in Florida include:

  • Life imprisonment for second-degree murder
  • Up to 30 years for armed robbery or attempted murder
  • Up to 15 years for aggravated assault, cocaine possession with intent to deliver, or possession of a weapon by a convicted felon
  • Up to five years for grand theft, possession of heroin, and aggravated stalking
  • Up to one year for possession of marijuana, trespass, DUI, or domestic battery

The Law Firm of Leader & Leader is committed to providing you with the aggressive representation and the legal counsel you’ll need if you want the best outcome possible. Your Ft. Lauderdale criminal lawyer understands the legal system and will work diligently to uphold and protect your rights and interests.

Contact Leader & Leader for a Free Case Review by an Experienced South Florida Criminal Lawyer

When you need an aggressive Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer to defend you against all manner of allegations and accusations, Leader & Leader are South Florida criminal lawyers with the breadth of experience in defending clients accused of a variety of charges. Our experience and track record provide the kind of criminal defense in Broward County that you can depend upon. Do not put your future in unnecessary jeopardy. Fill out our FREE CASE REVIEW form or call 954.523.2020 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an initial consultation. At Leader & Leader, our Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyers are here to help you protect your rights and your freedom as you fight the criminal charges that have been brought against you.

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