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Managed Home Repairs in Fort Lauderdale: What are They and do I Have to Abide by Them?

Our knowledgeable and highly qualified Florida insurance claims attorneys here at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC are extending their knowledge to you regarding your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Our lives are full of endless tasks that seem to only increase. When we feel a helping hand being lent, we often grab hold to keep ourselves afloat. And recently, many homeowner’s insurance companies have made the impression that they are attempting to do just that-help us when we need it the most, when disaster strikes and our homes are damaged.

If you have recently purchased a new homeowner’s insurance policy, or you have found yourself skimming over your current policy, you may have noticed a particular clause titled “Managed Repair” or “Option to Repair.” And while you may think this would be a convenient option, insurance companies are looking out for their best interest, which means making a profit. To save as much money as possible, the insurance company’s contractor will look to complete any repairs as cheaply as possible.

Choosing who repairs our homes and how the repairs are made is a right that should be left to homeowners. Managed repair clauses are taking that right away and allowing the insurance company to dictate the repairs that are made and who makes them. These clauses have led to many conflicts with policy holders and their carriers over the proper scope and method of repair.

Unlike in the past, where the insured was able to find and hire their own contractors, insurance companies that utilize managed repair programs now either provide their insureds with a list of preferred vendors or simply choose the contractor who will make the repairs.

The increased use of managed repair programs has resulted in many complications to what would otherwise be relatively simple claims. According to WINK News, one customer of Tower Hill Insurance filed a home insurance claim for a roof leak. Tower Hill selected a contractor who improperly attached a tarp to the roof. According to the insured, the tarp was nailed through both the shingles and the sheeting of his roof. Even after his insurance company hired a contractor of its choice, this Florida resident paid close to $35,000 out of his own pocket to mend the damage, and was still left with an unrepaired leak in his roof.

With that in mind, if you have been forced to utilize a contractor selected by your insurance company and you believe the repairs were performed incorrectly or were not fully completed, contact one of the attorneys at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC Likewise, be careful of signing any agreements provided by your insurer’s vendors and/or contractors. If you feel uncomfortable or do not understand the documents, contact a lawyer who is familiar with Florida insurance laws to review the documents before you sign them.

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