//What is insurance bad faith B?
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What is insurance bad faith B?


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Insurance bad faith generally refers to the practices that the insurance company uses in handling or adjusting your claim. Many examples of these can be the manner in which they set the values or how they long they take to get back to you or how long they take to give you an answer. [inaudible 00:00:23] law sets out certain statutory definitions of what insurance bad faith is, the end of the day what’s important is what it means to you as an insured. There’s a requirement to file something called a civil remedy notice to establish a bad faith claim. The insurance company then has 60 days to respond. This may not be important at the inception of your claim, but if you have to litigate your claim and you win, the insurance bad faith maybe a separate cause of action you have against the insurance company after your underlying claim is resolved. It can be a very important thing for you to make sure you protect yourself with respect to, and follow up on, but it’s going to be more important to speak to a qualified attorney that understands insurance bad faith issues so you know that you have properly protected yourself in case you need to in respect to that matter.


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