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What is insurance bad faith A?


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Through a claim you’re going to be dealing with a number of individuals. Some of these individuals will be insurance adjusters. Keep in mind that all insurance adjusters in Florida have ethical responsibilities and have to act in the best interest of the insured. Sometimes when the insurance company doesn’t act in the best interest these are called unfair claims practices. Unfair claims practices can be anything from misrepresenting policy terms, not communicating with insureds, or just not being honest during the investigation of the claim. Bad faith can be extra contractual damages that you wouldn’t normally get with an insurance claim, or may even be the basis for a law suit. Keep in mind there are certain requirements with bad faith as bad faith laws are complex in Florida. For example, you may need to file a civil remedy notice which gives the insurance company 60 days to respond to your allegations in bad faith. If you have any questions contact an attorney who’s experienced in handling bad faith insurance claims in Florida


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