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Charged with Drug Crimes? Defense Attorneys at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC Can Help

Because of the “war on drugs” in the United States, you will have a record of being convicted of drug crimes whether you were convicted on a minor possession charge or you were convicted with drug crimes related to drug trafficking. The fact is that because the judicial system aggressively seeks to make an example of those accused of drug crimes, you could end up with a criminal record even if you became addicted to pain pills following a painful and difficult surgery, just as easily as someone who is dealing drugs on a school playground can. You could end up going to prison for possession of a drug that was found near you, even if whatever was found did not actually belong to you. If such a scenario sounds frightening to you, and you want to avoid the harsh penalties that can be handed down with a drug crimes conviction, you will want the benefit of highly skilled, quality criminal defense attorneys at your side, helping to defend you against the drug crimes with which you have been charged. At Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, we understand that you may not be the hardened criminal that the drug charges against you seem to imply. We also know that there are myriad reasons why police may have filed charges against you that may not have anything to do with your guilt in the situation. All of this is to say that when you meet with your drug crimes lawyer at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, there is no reason for you to be embarrassed or uneasy regarding the charges filed against you. We understand the predicament that you’re in, and we are 100% committed to providing you with the very best drug crimes defense available.

Defense Against Drug Crimes from Drug Crime Lawyers Who Have the Experience to Help

Obviously, despite the propaganda that one hears from law enforcement, prosecutors, and politicians regarding waging a war on drugs and getting tough on drug crimes, we all know that there are drug crimes-and then there are drug crimes. Clearly, a charge of possessing a miniscule amount of marijuana can be handled differently than an international drug racketeering charge. That having been said, however, no drug crimes allegation should be taken lightly, because when a judge wants to make an example out of someone convicted of a drug crime, you do not want to be in prison as that example. For that reason, your drug crime lawyer at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC will offer you the very best defense available, regardless of what particular drug crime allegations you are facing.

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Manufacturing of methamphetamines
  • Conspiracy to possess
  • Conspiracy to possess with intent to deliver
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug trafficking
  • … and more

Let an Experienced Drug Crimes Attorney Expertly Handle Your Defense

From the brief list of possible drug crimes above, it is obvious that there is a whole jargon of legalese surrounding drug crimes that highlights the complexities regarding all of the legal issues and nuances surrounding drug crimes. Such jargon can definitely be used by prosecutors to confuse those accused of such crimes, making it very difficult for the accused to understand questions that are being asked or to answer in a coherent way. When you work with a drug crimes defense attorney at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, you can be assured that you will have someone at your side who can answer any questions that you may have and who will work to make sure that you are never confused by legal technicalities or vernacular that the prosecution may use.

Don’t Let the War on Drugs Claim You as its Next Casualty-Get a Drug Crimes Lawye

When you need an aggressive Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense lawyer to defend you against drug accusations and charges, Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC has experience defending clients charged with a variety of drug crimes. Our experience and proven track record provide an iron-clad defense. Fill out our FREE CASE REVIEW form at www.criminallawleader.com/contact-us/ or call 954.523.2020 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an initial consultation. At Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC, we are here to protect your rights and your freedom as you fight the drug charges that have been brought against you.

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