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Boating While Impaired Defense Lawyers (BWI) Fort Lauderdale

Recreational boating is a major activity in South Florida. Sport fishing is a big industry. We have thousands of miles of coastline. We have the Florida Keys. We have the Intercoastal Waterway. It is often a party atmosphere, with locals and tourists alike enjoying a day on the water. If you’re interested in buying a boat, it’s crucial you look at the laws below and also a guide on pontoonboatsreview.com to see if you’re in a position to buy a boat.

When purchasing a boat, you need to think about a range of different things. For example, even the type of battery that’ll best suit your particular marine vehicle needs to be researched; yes, not all batteries are created equally! You can find more information on boat battery types at the Survival Cooking website. However, one of the more obvious things that people seem to forget about is how they are going to get on and off the boat easily. The most obvious solution might be to think about getting a marine gangway to easily access the boat. These can be found in a number of places, such as Platforms and Ladders (HTTPS://WWW.PLATFORMSANDLADDERS.COM/MARINE-LADDERS/ALUMINUM-GANGWAYS/). Be sure to remain safe whilst boating, it can be dangerous, especially when impaired.

Boating under the influence (BUI) is similar to DUI
Some people do not know that laws very similar to those that cover drunk driving apply to boating as well. Any operator thought to be boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs must take tests such as a chemical test or a breath test to determine the level of alcohol in the blood (BAC). If the BAC is .08 percent or higher, the operator is assumed to be impaired.

If charged with BUI/BWI, call an exceptional DUI lawyer

Our lawyers at the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC defend boaters charged with operating a vessel while under the influence. We make sure that the sobriety tests were properly conducted, that the boat operator was correctly advised of his or her Miranda Rights when required and that the police acted in accordance with the law throughout the process. Our law firm has significant experience in DUI matters in South Florida. We use that experience to defend people charged with BUI/BWI.

What you may not know about boating under the influence

People may not know that open containers are legal on board a boat and are independent of the operator’s BAC and any charge of BUI. If police see you operating a boat while drinking, possessing alcohol or displaying signs of impairment, there is a very good chance they will take you to jail.

Penalties for boating under the influence

If convicted of BUI, you could receive a fine of up to $500 for a first conviction, up to $1,000 for a second conviction, and six or nine months in prison for a first or second conviction.

Contact a knowledgeable South Florida lawyer if charged with boating under the influence

Our attorneys at Leader, Leader & Zucker, PLLC have had many noteworthy successes with DUI cases. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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