Did Your Homeowner’s Insurance Contractor Botch the Repairs after Hurricane Matthew?

Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on the southeast, causing damage in excess of $10 billion, according to the Associated Press. Floridians and their homeowner’s insurance companies are footing much of that bill as they attempt to restore the Sunshine State to its pre-disaster condition. Unfortunately, profit-minded insurance companies are notorious for hiring low-cost contractors. If your insurance policy has a “managed repairs” clause, then you’d better be prepared for a cut-corners restoration job.  In most cases, just because there is a managed repair clause does not mean you lose any say in who will be in your home doing the work and what parts and quality is used.  This is just one of many reasons you should contact Leader & Leader, P.A. to understand your options and not get stuck with a sub-par repair hurting the value of your home and costing you money in the long-run! If your insurance company’s contractor did not restore your property to its pre-loss cond...

What Are My Options If My Homeowner’s Insurance Company’s Contractor Damaged My Home during Repairs?

There once was a time when homeowners could choose their own contractor to repair a roof leak, mold outbreak or other damage. The insurance company would then reimburse these costs. Although some homeowner’s insurance providers still offer this option, many companies have clued into the fact that they can increase their profits by including a “managed repairs” clause in their contracts. Put simply, the term “managed repairs” indicates that your insurance provider will choose the contractor to restore your home, or let you choose from a limited list of contractors. Ultimately, this saves the insurance company money because it can choose a low-cost contractor who may use low-quality materials. Unfortunately, you – the homeowner – are frequently the loser here because budget materials and cut-corner repairs don’t last as long and may not place you back in the position you were in prior to your insured loss. What’s more, low-priced contractors may not have the sam...

3 Tips to Recover Fair Compensation from Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company after Hurricane Matthew

Category 4 Hurricane Matthew is heading straight toward Florida’s coastline. According to CNBC, the superstorm may be the most destructive hurricane to hit Florida in 10 years. This is a stressful time for property owners. Torrential rains and 145 mph winds can wreak havoc on a home or business, and it is likely that the total cost of damages will climb well into the millions. Preparing for such a powerful weather event requires more than boarding up your windows. You should also be ready for the aftermath. Namely, you should familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy so you know how to make a claim. Don’t Let Your Insurance Provider Cheat You out of Fair Compensation It is important to remember that your insurance provider is a business. As such, its main goal is to maximize profits – and not necessarily to protect your best interests. There are many strategies that insurance companies use to minimize their payouts or deny claims. If your home or bus...

Rental and Condo Insurance: Are You Truly Aware of What Your Policy Will Cover?

They are beautiful, luxurious, and provide a number of different amenities for you and your family to enjoy. Condominiums and apartments are sprouting up all around the state of Florida as the demand to live in the Sunshine State rises. But do you really know what you’re getting yourself into when you elect to purchase a condo or rent an apartment? Perhaps you already live in one? A condo is similar to an apartment except you get the added benefit of owning it. While being in control of your own property is a big accomplishment, you need to be aware of the other requirements that come along with having a condo. Take insurance coverage for instance. When you own a condo, our Florida insurance claims lawyers point out that you are going to be required to purchase an insurance policy that is designed specifically for condominiums. Your insurance policy is similar to that of a policy for an apartment and a home. Because condo insurance policies are so unique, many individu...

Hurricane and Flood insight and tips

Some insight and tips shared with me from a friend with some minor revision from me: Were you preparing for a flood from Hurricane Hermine that hit with some warning or even if it surprised you, most flood policyholders are in the same position: “Where do I go from here and what do I do regarding my flood insurance claim?” After doing this for over thirty years, here are some tips I have learned from victims of flood disasters while helping them get through those tough times and then facing the flood insurance claim process: Be safe. Floods bring in all kinds of hazardous materials into a home. Poisonous fluids and snakes in the flood water are common. Make certain the structure is safe and watch for looters and criminals which arrive before first responders. Live power lines do not have warnings—be careful when trying to reach and first walking around your property. Take as many “after the flood disaster” photos and videos as you can of your property and surrou...

How Can You Avoid Hiring a Fraudulent Company to Repair Your Home?

Our home insurance claims lawyers here at Leader & Leader P.A. are here to tell you that as you may be preparing to have your home repaired from water damage, fire, flood or other damage caused by an accident or nature, be wary of who you hire as many of these “reputable” business are simply looking to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Most people running a business or working for one will commonly lead you on to believe that they have the best quality service, and can offer you something that no one else can. One major issue that has arisen in the field of contracting, though, is that while you may be greeted with a smiling face and a warm handshake, behind all of that are companies and contractors who may not truly have your best interest in mind. In fact, with the constant downpour of rain and the risk of a hurricane hitting, contractors are out and about trying to provide potential customers with their business information in the event they need a roof fixed, a...

Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Contain the “Managed Repair” Clause?

If so, our Florida insurance claims lawyers here at Leader & Leader P.A. want to help you make an informed decision your homeowner’s insurance company may be trying to deceive you out of obtaining. How familiar are you with your homeowner’s insurance policy and the hidden clauses that may be lurking in the terms of it? As a homeowner in Florida, you know flooding and other water damage is common among many homes and leaves an abundant amount of individuals struggling with the cost of repairs. While your insurer wants you to believe that they have your best interest in mind as they attempt to reduce the amount of work and money you are required to put into mending your home with their “managed repair” clause, our insurance claims attorneys are here to tell you that you may want to rethink and reevaluate whether or not your insurer is providing you with top of the line service.  Sadly, in a very high percentage of claims, insurance companies do not act with the ...

Spiderman not so Super?

Image Source- http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Spiderman.JPG Spiderman not so super? Well it’s not like he’s Superman. Actually, technically he is not even Spiderman. In reality he is just A man. In this case one who was injured on the job playing the role of Spidy in a Broadway musical just a short few weeks ago. The actor, a one Daniel Curry, had the lucky and seemingly fun job of performing many a stunt including flying through the air on the back of the green goblin as he fought crime and made the world a safer place. That is, until something went terribly wrong. As Curry was being lifted onto the stage by a hydraulic lift through a trap door, the door closed on his leg and he found himself stuck. At which point in time he began screaming. Workmen actually had to saw through the scenery to free him. He was then taken to the hospital. The rest of the show was cancelled that evening. The injury sustained must have been a pretty bad one because in articles written about i...

The Long-Term Care Crisis in America

As baby boomers reach retirement age, long-term care coverage becomes an increasingly expensive gamble for insurance companies. Some stop selling individual policies, others exit the long-term care insurance business altogether, but the remaining ones do everything in their power to deny people the right to quality medical care. Here, we take a look at America’s aging population and its struggle with long-term care insurance. ...


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