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If you’ve been a victim of a home burglary or home theft, you might be stressed out, may be feeling violated, and may wonder what your next steps should be. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance may be able to cover you for your stolen items. However, it is important to take steps to protect your rights.

What should do immediately after you discover you have suffered a burglary or theft? First, don’t enter your home if you believe thieves may still be inside.



Here’s what you should do:

  • Call the police and file a police report.
  • Make a list of all property that has been stolen or damaged.
  • Take photos if thieves broke door frames or caused other structural damage to your home.
  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance company and report the loss.
  • Contact Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC, homeowner’s insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida if you have any questions about the claims process.

It is the responsibility of your homeowner’s insurance company to reimburse you for your lost, damaged, or stolen items if this is part of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. If your claim is being denied, Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC are homeowner’s insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can assist you with understanding what is and isn’t covered by your policy and can help you seek the recovery you may deserve. Speak to Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC today.

What Information You’ll Need to Gather After Your House Has Been Robbed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If your house has been robbed, you may have the right to make a claim for stolen or damaged property. After a robbery, it is important to make a list of all items that have been stolen and to make a police report. You’ll also want to contact your homeowner’s insurance right away to make a claim. Your homeowner’s insurance company may need the following when you make a claim:

  • A list of all items stolen.
  • Information about where items were purchased and the cost of each item stolen.
  • Specific information about the model and brand of stolen items.
  • Receipts for the original purchase.
  • Photos of stolen or damaged items if you have them.

If items are damaged during a robbery, keep these items until an insurance claims adjuster can come to your home to assess the damage. While most items you might have in your home will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, some high value items like jewelry or expensive electronics might not be covered. If you own high ticket items, you may either need to attach a rider to cover these items, or you may need to replace these items yourself should they be stolen. Homeowner’s insurance policies will generally cover you only up to certain dollar amounts. The limits should be specified in your policy. If you have questions about what is or isn’t covered or are facing a dispute with your homeowner’s insurance because the company is not covering you for your damages or losses, consider speaking to Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC, insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Finally, don’t forget to make a claim for damage, such as broken windows and broken doorframes. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover you for this, too. If you have questions about making a claim following a theft or burglary, speak to Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC, insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What You Can Do Today to Protect Yourself

Even if nothing has been stolen, there are steps you can take now to protect yourself should something ever go wrong. First, always understand what is and isn’t covered in your policy and what the limits are. If you own valuable jewelry or expensive electronics, you may want to consider adding additional coverage. Finally, take steps now to document your possessions. Preserve all receipts, take photos of items in your house, and take photos of items that are valuable. Some items you should always take steps to document includes jewelry, laptops, tablets, and other electronics, and major appliances. Other steps you can take to protect your home and valuables include installing deadbolt locks on doors, installing burglar alarms, and putting up motion lights around your home.

Do I Need Receipts to Make a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim for Theft in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

While it is helpful to have receipts when making a claim for stolen items, many homeowner’s insurance companies understand that most people don’t keep receipts. You may still be able to file a claim for damaged or stolen property after a robbery. However, if your insurance company is demanding that you produce receipts, Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC are insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can review your situation and help you seek the settlement you may deserve from your insurance company. In some cases, you may be able to provide alternative forms of proof that you owned or purchased the items. In other cases, a police report, along with a strongly-worded demand letter from your insurance claims lawyer can produce results. If you are having difficulty with a claim following a theft or robbery to your home, speak to Leader, Leader, & Zucker, PLLC, insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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