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Are You Facing DUI Charges?

A DUI conviction can have life-changing consequences – affecting your relationships, career and freedoms. This is particularly true for repeat offenders who face much harsher penalties, and for those who face charges for aggravated DUI or DUI manslaughter.


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If Florida police arrested you for driving under the influence, turn to Leader & Leader P.A. for legal advice. Michael D. Leader is a criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who will investigate your arrest and aggressively represent your interests.

Depending of the circumstances of your arrest, Mr. Leader may be able to get your charges or penalties reduced, or get your case dismissed altogether. Call 954-523-2020 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Read on to learn three reasons why you should hire a DUI attorney if you are facing charges:

  1. Your DUI Attorney Will Investigate Probable Cause

If the arresting officer did not have reasonable suspicion to detain you or probable cause at arrest you, then you’re the evidence in the DUI case against you may be subject to being excluded by the Court making it impossible for a successful prosecution resulting in you beating the allegations. It often takes an attorney well trained, skilled and experienced in DUI to identify and properly develop these issues that can be used to win your case.  Lawyers that handle criminal cases but are not truly DUI defense lawyers may catch some of these winning issues but often miss others.  Be sure to get a well-trained, skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney to defend your case.

A Defendant who represents themselves is highly unlikely to be successful in identifying, articulating and winning on these issues.  Although many public defenders are (or will mature to be) great lawyers, in many jurisdictions the public defender assigned to a misdemeanor DUI client may be in their first year as a lawyer.  If you cannot overcome the charges, you face a steep fine, jail time and other penalties that they may have been avoided if you had hired a DUI attorney. Even if the officer did have probable cause, your case may still be subject to suppression or exclusion of evidence, if not dismissed, if the officer made other procedural errors (which happens more than one might think).

  1. Mitigate the Consequences of DUI Charges

There are several possible defenses against DUI charges. While some defenses may result in a complete dismissal of your case, others aim to reduce your penalties.

Sometimes, a good DUI defense lawyer, can leverage the facts of your case to get a reduced charge and reduced penalties do you do not have to run the risks associated with evidentiary hearings or trials.

  1. Comprehensive, Personalized Representation

Most do not reasonably expect a court-appointed attorney, or public defender, to provide the same quality of representation as a privately hired, well trained, skilled, and aggressive, DUI attorney. According to NPR, public defenders often handle dozens of cases at a time, and you might be assigned a lawyer who does not have extensive experience litigating DUI cases or has been assigned more cases then they can properly handle at one time.

You have more options when you choose your own DUI defense attorney. You can evaluate your lawyer’s case portfolio to find out if he or she has successfully litigated DUI cases. You will have an opportunity to choose an attorney who is not overworked and has the time to provide comprehensive, personalized representation.  You should inquire what percentage of your attorney’s work currently and historically has been DUI, what kind of results they have experienced over the years, whether they ever focused their practice predominantly or exclusively in DUI and how many DUI cases they have actual taken to trial and won!

Michael D. Leader is a DUI defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale with a reputation for finding success in court. He will answer your questions, explain Florida’s DUI laws, and give your case the individual attention that it deserves.

Mr. Leader will be your on-call legal representative, making himself available 24 hours a day when necessary. Call 954-523-2020 to schedule a free initial consultation.





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