Hurricane Michael Has Devastating Impact on Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. In just two days, Hurricane Michael escalated from a tropical storm to a category 4 hurricane. The result was that many Florida residents in the path of the storm had little time to prepare. Some didn’t even have the time to evacuate. According to the New York Times, researchers have gotten quite good at predicting the path of storms, but they are still working to get better at predicting how storms intensify and how fast these storms might intensify. Warmer seas over the Gulf of Mexico may have contributed to the storm’s intensification. Storm trackers had initially believed that wind shear would prevent the storm from intensifying, but the storm quickly moved from a tropical storm to a storm whose winds were just two miles shy of a category 5 storm. 

Hurricane Michael’s size and intensity contributed to the devastation. According to the Times, the path of devastation extends for 200 miles. The damage was far-reaching. Some homes were inundated up to their roofs. Some houses were entirely splintered apart, while others lost their roofs. Businesses with glass facades suffered extensive damage to property and inventory. Vehicles were flooded and some suffered damage from debris. Falling trees crushed houses and cars, and debris shattered windows. Governor Rick Scott called the storm the most devastating the Florida Panhandle has ever seen.

More than a dozen people have been reported dead, but rescue crews expect to find more deceased individuals as these specialized teams assess the wreckage.

The days following a catastrophic storm can be particularly difficult for survivors. Power and phone services may not be working. Clean-up crews can take some time to get to the work of clearing streets of debris, meaning it can be some time before people can travel freely and safely. In general, in the days following a storm, if you can, stay put. Roads can be flooded, power lines might be down, and you run the risk of hurting yourself or getting into a car accident trying to navigate storm-affected roads.

The damage of the storm is expected to be in the billions. According to the Times, Hurricane Irma caused approximately $50 billion in damage. In the aftermath of the storm, thousands of homeowners will likely make insurance claims and the insurance industry is preparing itself to meet the need. Homeowners whose homes have suffered damage may want to take photos of damage, and get in contact with their insurance company as soon as possible.

If you have suffered damage due to Hurricane Michael, it is important to take steps to protect your property and your rights. Review your insurance policy, get in touch with adjusters, and take photos of the damage. If you are having trouble making a claim, reach out to Leader & Leader, P.A., insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our firm offers qualified assistance to those who have questions about the hurricane damage claims process. If you have questions about the road ahead, visit us at to learn more.

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