Hurricanes are Moving Slower: May Lead to More Damage

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. While many homeowners are still fighting to receive their insurance settlements for hurricane Irma, a new hurricane season is upon us, meaning that insurance companies such as One Sure Insurance are going to have their work cut out again. Scientists who study climate and weather predict meaningful storm activity this hurricane season. According to National Geographic, hurricanes are predicted to move more slowly, which is a big problem for homeowners and cities in the hurricane belt. Furthermore, hurricanes are also predicted to move further north as the world gets warmer. This means that even if you don’t have a home in the tropics or subtropics, your home may increasingly be at risk of damage. If your home has been affected by any form of weather damage, it may be best to look into replacing vinyl siding. This can help repair damage, reduce costs for the future and increase energy efficiency by preventing moisture and wind getting in. Now might be the time to check what your homeowner’s insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

Warming temperatures have the effect of slowing hurricanes down. When storms travel more slowly, wind speeds within the storms remain the same, but the storms take longer to pass over landmasses and cities. This means that the storm stays longer, causing more damage. When storms move slowly, the risk of flooding also increases. You cannot predict when something like this will happen, which is why to protect you and your family from any natural disasters and the impact it can have on your home, looking into specialist insurance companies like Balsiger Insurance in Las Vegas to help you get the right coverage for your home. This is not a legal requirement for home owners, but it is something worth looking into, especially when it comes to disasters like a hurricane.

Researchers also found that storms not only are moving more slowly, but they also tend to slow down even more when they make landfall. Because of the warming poles, storms are also more frequently being drawn to the poles, meaning that regions further north that didn’t typically see storms may now face a new threat. Homeowners by the coasts are most at risk but those inland could also face unexpected flooding. Regardless of where you live, the chances of your home receiving any sort of damage from the storm are high. Most people may find that their roofs have been particularly affected, and to the point where they might need to have some repair work completed to them. Someone similar to this roof repair austin company will be able to assess the damage that has been caused to your roof in the aftermath of the storm and can get it to look as good as new again. It is important that this process gets done as soon as possible as living in a home with an unstable roof is unsafe and could cause severe injuries. Storms can have a detrimental impact on people’s lives and their communities.

When storms were modelled, scientists also found that they were much wetter than storms in the past.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the intensity of the storms has increased because of human-based activity that has resulted in higher levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Temperatures are expected to rise, which means that storms are predicted to continue to get stronger and slower in the future. According to the LA Times, for every rise in temperature by one degree Celsius, the atmosphere is able to hold 7% more moisture.What does this mean for homeowners? As hurricane season approaches, now is the time to check to see whether you have proper homeowner’s insurance. Not all insurance policies cover flooding. You may want to see whether flood zones have changed or whether you can qualify for flood damage insurance. Sometimes it’s possible to put additional riders on your policy if you are concerned.

Understand your policy before storm season hits. Finally, if you find yourself suffering damage, take the time to speak to your insurance adjuster and understand what the damage is worth. If you feel that you are not receiving the settlement you may deserve, consider speaking to Leader & Leader, P.A. homeowner’s insurance lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you are still waiting to receive a claim for Hurricane Irma, you may still have a chance to work with your adjuster. Many claims are under review. Reach out to us at today.

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