Work from Home? Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Not Cover Your Losses

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. Many Americans work from home or run a home business. Others are part of the gig economy and take on part-time jobs for which they are considered contractors or are self-employed. If you don’t see clients in your home or don’t have customers visiting your home, you may think that you don’t need insurance, but you could be wrong. According to the Washington Post, your homeowner’s insurance company could  deny your claim if the adjuster decides that it is a business claim rather than a homeowner’s claim. Depending on the type of work or business you run, you may want to consider a policy, which covers business related losses.

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What does business specific insurance cover? For one, it may cover injuries clients sustain while patronizing your home business. If you meet a client at home and he or she suffers a slip and fall, you might think you can use your homeowner’s liability insurance to cover you. But your homeowner’s insurance might not cover the claim if the injured person was a client. So, whether you cut hair in your basement or consult out of your den, you may want to consider separate business coverage to supplement your homeowner’s insurance. Your business insurance has the added benefit of protecting you from other damages you might sustain as a result of normal business activities.

Homeowner’s insurance may cover some items related to your business. For example, according to Allstate, while not every policy covers business property stored at home, some policies will. If you think that you may have to store business property at your home, you may want to add a rider to your insurance coverage. Why would this be important? Let’s say you work as a traveling computer parts salesperson and have to store computers at your home. If the computer equipment is damaged, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover  damage to what it considers business property. In determining what your homeowner’s insurance does and does not cover, you should discuss the policy’s terms and exclusions with your insurance agent and/or attorney. It is also important to note that some homeowner’s insurance applications require you to state whether or not you run a business from your home. Careful attention should be paid to ensure that your insurance application is accurate. If changes occur after you provide the insurance company with your application, you should discuss the change with your insurance agent and/or attorney to determine whether the application should be amended.

If your claim is being denied for any reason, it is important to understand why it is being denied. If you think your claim is being wrongly denied, seek help. Don’t accept less than you think you deserve. Leader & Leader, P.A. are homeowner’s insurance claim lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can help you seek the recovery you may be entitled to receive. Our lawyers can review your policy, review denial letters, and fight to help you get the recovery you may deserve under the law. In the aftermath of recent hurricanes and natural disasters, homeowners have had problems getting the claims that they believe they are entitled to receive. Visit our firm at to learn more about how we can help.




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