Will Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Rain Damage?

It’s no secret that Florida is prone to major hurricane damage, and much of that destruction is caused by torrential rain and flash floods. Even if your home has never been hit by a major flood, rain can degrade your roof over time, which is why Florida homeowners typically have to replace their roofs more often than homeowners in dryer states like Nevada.

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Frequent rainstorms are one of many reasons why Florida has the highest homeowner’s insurance rates in the United States, and if you’re forking over thousands of dollars each year to protect your nest egg, you probably expect your insurance company to pay for repairs and restoration if your home sustains major damage.

But when it comes time to make a claim, you might be surprised to learn that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t always cover rain damage. Even if rain is a covered peril on your policy, your claim might be denied if:

  • Your roof had pre-existing damage;
  • The damage was the result of inadequate maintenance or your own negligence;
  • There was faulty installation or workmanship with respect to your roof
  • You cannot prove a hole or opening that was caused by a covered peril in your insurance policy (this depends on language in your policy)

It is important to remember that just because your homeowner’s insurance company denied your claim does not mean you have to accept their decision. If you believe that your claim was denied for an invalid reason, contact Leader & Leader P.A. to discuss your situation.

Attorneys Michael D. Leader and Scott Zucker can evaluate your case to determine if you have grounds for an insurance bad faith claim. They can also help if you have not yet filed your claim but you want to avoid crucial mistakes and ensure that your insurance company treats you fairly. Call 954-523-2020 to schedule a free consultation with an insurance claims attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

How to Determine Whether Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company Is Offering a Fair Payout

It goes without saying that homeowner’s insurance companies want to maximize their profits, so the private adjusters who work for insurance carriers have financial incentive to deliver the lowest possible estimate for your repairs. To determine if that estimate is fair, consider hiring a public adjuster who represents your interests and is not an advocate of the insurance company.

When Can I File an Insurance Bad Faith Claim Against My Homeowner’s Insurance Company?

If you believe that your homeowner’s insurance claim was denied for an invalid reason, contact an insurance lawyer from Leader & Leader P.A. to find out if you have grounds for an insurance bad faith claim. You may have grounds for such a claim if your insurance company:

  • Acted illegally or fraudulently;
  • Took too long to inform you that your claim was under dispute;
  • Tried to undervalue, deny, or delay payments without a valid reason;
  • Attempted to settle your claim for an unreasonably low payout;
  • Attempted to settle your claim using policies that were altered without giving you appropriate notice;
  • Diminished your claim in such a way that you were forced to enter litigation, or attempted to use one claim or a portion of a claim to force you to take less than what you were entitled to on the other claim or portion;
  • Used inaccurate information to deny or undervalue your claim;
  • Used demeaning or harassing methods to gather information or investigate your claim; or
  • Did not provide prompt responses to a covered claim or did not acknowledge your claim.

If you believe that you were a victim of insurance bad faith, contact Leader & Leader P.A. Call 954-523-2020 to schedule a free initial consultation with an insurance lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. You can learn more about insurance claims by visiting USAttorneys.com.


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