What Should I Do If My Hurricane Damage Claim Is Denied?

In the wake of Hurricane Irma’s 124 mph winds and torrential floods, it has never been more important for Americans to stand together and help one another bounce back from such a historic catastrophe. If you are fortunate enough to have homeowner’s insurance, you probably expect your insurance company to do the right thing and help you repair your property and return you to the same financial position you were in before the storm. Sadly, many Floridians are about to find out that insurance companies don’t always do the right thing. Many Floridians will have their claims denied or under paid and will need an Insurance Attorney to assist with their claim.  

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If your homeowner’s insurance claim was denied, contact my office to discuss your case. In Florida, if you have to sue your insurance company to enforce your rights, your insurer will have to cover your attorney fees and costs if you prevail. Call 954-523-2020 today to schedule a free initial consultation with a Fort Lauderdale insurance claims lawyer from Leader & Leader P.A.

When Can My Homeowner’s Insurance Company Deny My Hurricane Damage Claim?

Insurance policies contain many exclusions, which can be confusing. For example, if your home sustained water damage from a roof leak, but there is no hole or opening in the roof, some insurance policies will not cover the resulting damage. Other common reasons why claims are denied include:

  • You did not pay your insurance premiums;
  • Constant and repeated seepage;
  • You waited too long to report the damage to your insurance company;
  • Your home had pre-existing damage;
  • The damage occurred due to improper maintenance; or
  • Your insurance application contains a misrepresentation.

The application of the many terms, conditions, and exclusions can be difficult to understand. It is not uncommon for insurance professionals to improperly deny claims based on inappropriate application of the policy’s exclusions. An experienced insurance attorney can help by evaluating whether the insurance company properly applied the policy terms and to ensure that when payment is made, it is for the full value of the claim.

If your hurricane insurance claim was denied, contact our office to discuss your case. Call 954-523-2020 to schedule a free consultation with an insurance attorney in Fort Lauderdale.



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